Common Questions and Short Answers About Visiting Dorset

There are many roads less travelled on the Southwest coast of England. These questions and answers about Dorset county will brief you on interesting facts about the region if you are planning on passing through. 

1.    What is Special About The Post Box at Barnes Cross?

There are a few century-old gems in Dorset county and Beaminster for adventurers who are interested in taking on the road less travelled. The post box at Barnes Cross is the oldest running post box in Great Britain. The postal service has been running since 1853.

2.    Which Town in Dorset Offers The Most Gambling Attractions?

The coastal town of Bournemouth offers by far the most gambling hotspots in the county. Gambling attractions like Grosvenor Casino and Genting Casino are popular destinations for ardent gamblers. The vibrant gambling community also hosts sports betting events, bingo nights, and other related events.

3.    What is The Official County Town of Dorset?

Dorchester is the official and the most prominent town in the county. There are a series of notable attractions in the city, like the 5-star Dorchester Hotel, which has accommodated royal guests such as Queen Elizabeth II.

4.    Where in Dorset is The Highest Point on The South Coast of England?

The Golden Cap on the coast of Dorset is the highest point on the south coast of Great Britain. The cliffs, lying along the Jurassic Coast, are about 191 metres above sea level.

5.    Which Is The Longest River in Dorset County?

The River Stour is more than 80 kilometres long and covers most of the county’s boundary between Essex and Suffolk. There are 5 River Stours located in the counties of Kent, Dorset, Suffolk, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire.