5 Must-See Attractions and Landmarks in Dorset

Travellers going through Dorset county may not find motorways, cities, or cathedrals, but there is certainly a lot to see and do if you are passing through on holiday. Check out these tourist hotspots:

1.    Bournemouth Coast

The coastal spa town is popular with locals and tourists. It features luxury villas, long golden beaches, and artisan shops. The coast boasts health resorts for holidaymakers who migrate to this sunny part of the UK in the hot summer months. Bournemouth Coast is the perfect place to stop by when going on a summer holiday with the family.

2.    Dorchester Town

Dorchester county town is the largest community in Dorset. Thomas Hardy, the famous author, lived in a Cottage here that still stands to this day. The shopping and nightlife are thriving in the city, with notable dining and entertainment options like the Eldridge Pope Brewery that should be on the itinerary of every traveller.

3.    The Jurassic Coast

A large part of Dorset’s western shoreline, from Studley all the way to Devon, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Jurassic Coast and the Golden Cap are among the most notable hotspots. Explorers will find fossils dating back millions of years nestled in the picturesque scenery of the coastline.

4.    Sherborne Historical Sites

There are several historical landmarks in Sherborne. The abbey has remarkable features dating back to more than a millennium. The building was first used as a Saxon cathedral in the early-8th century. There are still remnants of the ancient structure around the western portal. Sherborne also features two castles constructed by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1594.

5.    Christchurch

Hop on a train to visit the exciting town of Christchurch. Hiking fans will enjoy the sites along Highcliffe beach, and the Mudeford Quay is a crab-fishing hotspot. Visitors can also explore the Constable’s House, which is an original Norman building. The Christchurch Priory is a medieval monastery that is also a sight to behold.

Visit these incredible landmarks and attractions in Dorset. Learn more about the fascinating history of this quiet region of Southwest England.