Beaminster is a small community in the countryside of greater Dorset. This site features news articles, historical information, and updates about the latest attractions and sightseeing destinations in the UK.

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Get a brief historical account of Beaminster and find out all the relevant historical details about this lesser-known town in Dorset. Beaminster suffered several devastating fires in its existence, and the small community is made up of just over 3000 people. Access these resources to learn more about the region’s historical significance.

Are you planning on visiting Beaminster and Dorset county? Get a few interesting facts about the countryside and learn a few interesting details about the county you may have never heard about before. Use a list of questions and answers to get all your facts straight before visiting the region. Dorchester is the official and largest town in the county.

Dorset features several attractions every traveller must see if they are passing through the region. Check out the Jurassic Coast, Bournemouth Coast, Sherborne, and Christchurch. Include these historical sites in your itinerary.

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